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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Button Situation: They Have Arrived!

Left: The buttons for this year's thank-you gift, with a dime so you can see scale. (The buttons are 2.25 inches in diameter and more pink than this poorly lit, quick photo shows.) The buttons match the link-button promoters placed on their blogs. The year appears on the edge. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

The buttons arrived late on Thursday and I ran out today to get mailers for them. I need to go to another store as there weren't enough where I went—but those have all been addressed and there will be a batch of buttons going out in the mail tomorrow! It's so fun to see them on the table, with the stack of envelopes. I'm really pleased with the job and price Pure Buttons was able to deliver on. If you have buttons to make I suggest that you contact them. They use quality buttons with a very nice pin back!

Participants, promoters, and winners of the two prize books—look for your stuff in the mail next week (and for a couple international people, a little while after that)! I can't wait to take the first batch over to the post office tomorrow!

Thank you all again for participating in and promoting International Fake Journal Month 2010. I love seeing it grow every year. Even more I love seeing what participants do in their fake journals. I am already looking forward to 2011's celebration of International Fake Journal Month. I've already designed the button!


Melinda Bilecki said...

Wow! They look great!!! I'm excited about next year too and can't wait to see the new button! :)

journalrat said...

I'm off to the post office in about 30 minutes with the first batch. Then off to get more envelopes. Very fun to watch them all disappear into padded envelopes for mailing!

Thanks for participating Melinda. I hope you wear your button proudly!

Neon Fog said...

My button just arrived here in California. Great button - thank you very much. Suzanne

journalrat said...

Thanks for letting me know that it arrived Suzanne! I'm so glad you enjoy it. The last batch went out today. (Waiting on one person to get me an address.) And the prize books went out with their buttons too. Great to get it all off the mailing table!

Thanks again for joining in and be sure to start checking back in March 2011!!!


E*phi said...

I just found my button in the mailbox! It's awesome, thank you so much, I'll certainly wear it with pride! :)
Looking forward to next year's fake journaling already! <3

E*phi said...

Oh, btw: The link to my site on your list of participants (on the right) doesn't work, unfortunately. The address should be:
or for my first fake journal post:

(It's a bit late, I know, but anyway...)

journalrat said...

E*phi, I'm so glad you enjoyed the button. And I'm sorry the link was wrong. I've changed the link under Evi, which I thought was your link—but now I'm thinking I should also change that to E*phi—but maybe I've got someone else confused with you too—layers of error.

Please let me know if I put your link with the right name, or if I need to change it as well? Thanks for pointing it out!!!


E*phi said...

Thanks for repairing the link! Don't worry too much about the name. Although I usually use "E*phi" in the internets, Evi is fine too. :)

Jules said...

Imagine my surprise and delight when my button arrived in the post all the way from over there!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!! I was thrilled to receive it!

Jules said...

Oh Wonderful little thing came in the mail - all the way from you over there! The Button!!!! I love it and thank you so much!!!

journalrat said...

Jules, I'm so glad it made it there safely and that you enjoy it! Thanks for letting me know.

ArtbyBernadette said...

Wow! I just happened to stumble on this following a link from borrominibear. I have only started sketch-booking recently, and now I look forward to trying this in 2011. You've already got my creative wheels turning. This looks like fun!
Thank you!

journalrat said...

Artby Bernadette, so glad you found the blog. I look forward to seeing you participate. I'm sorry it took so long to post your message!!!! I didn't see it as this blog is a bit dormant until March, but I'm very pleased that you're excited about the event!!!!

Tommy said...

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Ana Maria Seaton said...

Hey Roz! Looking forward to participating with you in 2011. Already know what I am doing as a journal from Blackstone on Odonatia has been a long time coming.

Hoping this finds you well and in good creative spirits. Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things on EDM this year!