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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Event Promotion Contest in 2012

Left: Blog margin notice button. See below for details.

In past public celebrations for International Fake Journal Month everyone promoting the blog by posting the image at the left in his or her own blog's margin column would be entered into a prize drawing.

This year, in an effort to cut back on administration duties (keeping track of the promoters and visiting their sites to check) I have phased this portion of the celebrations out.

Support of non-participants has been a huge part of helping the public form of IFJM grow.  I may bring this portion of the contests back next year, depending on my own schedule at the time.

In the meantime I want to thank past promoters again for helping get the word out. 

If you are a blogger who likes to include links to the various projects you are involved in as standing notices in the margin column of your blog, I still invite you to use the above margin image to promote the event and your participation on your blog.

If you would like to promote International Fake Journal Month on your blog you can follow this link to instructions on how to use this margin image. The only change to the instructions is that you don't have to go to Roz Wound Up to retrieve the image as I have positioned it here for you. Steps 5 through 7 are no longer active, since there is no contest for promotion this year. You do however have my gratitude for supporting this event and helping to get the word out.


Beliza said...

Hi Roz! Here is my first post for my fake journal.


Thank you for this great initiative! I'm haveing a lot of fun so far :)

journalrat said...

Beliza, left one (perhaps two because the computer burped) comments on your blog. Love your start. Keep going and have fun!!!

Beliza said...

Thanks! I love the project and I'm having a lot of fun already :)