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Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Interview about International Fake Journal Month

Ricë Freeman-Zachery has written a marvelous post:  "What Exactly is International Fake Journal Month, Anyway?" over at "create mixed media."

If this is your first visit to this blog, or your first year to attempt keeping a fake journal, go check it out. She asked questions about how I got into fake journaling, how I made it into a celebration, and she also writes about some of the particulars for participating.

It's a wonderful introduction to IFJM and I couldn't be happier to see the word being spread so clearly and thoroughly. (This is the first post in a series so be sure to check back at "create mixed media" which of course you're doing anyway because Ricë writes about creativity and interviews artists there all the time—getting them to talk about their process so you can be inspired.)

And in the meantime, don't forget my last post here—I still need some selfies for sketching reference for my 2014 fake journal. How you can help is all listed here.


Adrianne in Portland said...

Good article and interview. I enjoyed watching the video of your journal. And I especially like your choice of one of your James Roday drawings for the badge. A nice homage to the end of Psych (sniff.)

journalrat said...

Adrianne, glad you enjoyed the video and the interview.

While I am WILDLY crazy about drawing James Roday and absolutely sick that Psych is coming to an end (I'm behind in my viewing so maybe the last episode has already been on and is waiting on the DVR?) this year's button however isn't Roday.

it's someone named Tim. You can see the full image here where I originally posted it. http://rozwoundup.typepad.com/roz_wound_up/2013/12/do-something-in-a-slightly-different-way.html

I do like wonderful noses, ears, and hair. And I decided after dogs and birds on the logo it was time for a person.

And this year's journal will probably be full of portraits again—well it will have to be because I have asked people to send in photos that I can use, and I've set up drawing sessions with locals. Yeah, so it had better be full of portraits!

I hope you can join in this year with your own fake journal and have some fun.

Thanks for writing in.