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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 International Fake Journal Month Wrap-Up: Dianne Carey

Above: ©2014 Dianne Carey, a page explaining her plan of attack for her 2014 fake journal. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Dianne Carey is another artist returning to International Fake Journal Month. For 2014 she has provided a wrap-up on her blog.

One of the things I love about artists who come back to IFJM is the way they can refine their project to something they know is doable. They have had the additional experience of observing themselves at work and seeing what can and does work within the structure of their regular lives. This is something that all of us as artists have to learn to recognize, to adapt to, and to handle and sometimes wrestle into a new structure and organization. IFJM is a great way to think about these issues.

Dianne's character was a cake decorator and Dianne limited her character's media to pen and watercolor. In fake journaling often less is more.

Take a moment to look at the additional notes Dianne provides at the link above. And then spend a bit of time investigating this post where she reveals more information about her character. It's always fun to play with not giving full disclosure. The readers can guess along and it is often more fun for the fake journal keeper. There is a second part of the character reveal in this post here

It is particularly fun to see how Dianne kept in character and at the same time explored so many subjects, simply because her character would have done so too. This was a very fun idea.

I don't need to remind you that keeping the fun in the project is a great way to keep up momentum and explore new things, regardless of the subject matter your character might document.

And I think looking through the eyes of a character for useful ideas for design and color helps remind us to do so in our real lives as well. 

You can also visit with Dianne at her blog Art Beneath the Cottonwoods, and see the "real" projects she explores in mixed media. (Even her fake journal blog's title is a little sideways nod to the other blog.)


Michelle Himes said...

Wow! I never guessed. Dianne's sketches and designs had so many different subjects that seemed to have no relation to each other - until I read her explanation - and then it all made sense. I love it! A truly creative mind!

Roz Stendahl said...

I think you're right Michelle.

Also I'm now very intrigued about cake decoration. I saw a show where they set up an Epson printer with food dyes and printed right from photoshop!
Dianne's character has got me wondering about all that again.

Dianne C. said...

Thanks Roz for the write-up... It was a fun challenge!

ellen said...

Wonderful journey! Those limitations we give ourselves ( in size, materials, techniques) really end up helping us develop fresh results through their ability to focus the month.

Dana said...

As Michelle said, there seemed to be no connection with all her images... I was stumped! In fact, that was half the fun of checking in each day... would the next post give me the clue to her character?

Each year Dianne's character has been a bit of a puzzle... love it... It's icing on the cake!
(Sorry... couldn't rest!)