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Thursday, March 3, 2016

International Fake Journal Month 2016 Will Be Starting Soon…

I've received many emails and Facebook messages in the past two weeks—people are wondering about the celebration for IFJM 2016.

Yes, it's happening and yes, it's right on schedule.

As I told participants of the Facebook group for this on-going project, you can at any time access the past posts on this blog that give explicit instructions for how to prepare, how to select a journal to work in, how to think about your media choices, and how to begin to get to know your character—the individual who will be creating the journal.

The best way to find these blog posts is to look in the category list called "Find Related Posts." Keywords like "tips," "fake journal choices," and "character building" can help you.

It's also important to know what is NOT a Fake Journal. You can discover that by going to the top of the blog and clicking on links for "What is IFJM?" and "Tips on Keep a Fake Journal."

Look also at "Faux Historical Journals" and "Historical Fake Journals" in the category list. Historical journals trip up a lot of people and I go through some of the key reasons why in the posts in this category. Make your month the best opportunity for growth you can, eliminate frustration. Skip the Historical and focus on the "real" in Fake!

In fact I think it's a great idea if you look through the entire category list for topics that might resonate with any questions you have. I've written some pretty comprehensive posts.

Additionally I recommend that you go down the left column to the various participant lists. There you'll find names liked to the postings of participants' past fake journals. These are great fun to look through. Leave them a note to tell them how their work has inspired you to participate.

You can also find flip throughs and other notes about my various fake journals at the top of the blog, and in the category list. I have flip throughs on my YouTube Channel.

You will notice that the new button for 2016 is now in place at the top of the left column: "Shift in Place" is the theme for this year. I will have more to say about it next week. Remember that you aren't required to follow a theme. I think this year's theme is very important based on past trends among participants, so you might want to check back and find out more.

If you would like to join the Facebook group for International Fake Journal Month please message me on Facebook. Then I will have your exact Facebook name and can invite you—it is a closed group, open to people who are actually creating a fake journal in April, and to people who think they might and want to discuss it. The group is for sharing only work related to IFJM and not other artwork.

As always, I look forward to seeing what you create during IFJM 2016.

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