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Monday, May 2, 2016

April 14 Entry in Roz's 2016 Fake Journal

Above: 10 x 16 inch cold press watercolor board
with watercolor and rubberstamp ink.

Above: Detail of the color swatches at the base of the entry.

Above: Detail of the face—pencil sketch with watercolor.
The above three images are from the same entry and show the type of thing my character is doing with pencil and watercolor. As usual, click on the images to view an enlargement.


Kathy said...

Hi Roz,

I'm a lurker on this year's IFJM (I took a workshop with Timothy Ely and went in a different direction with my art journal this April) and really appreciate your posts!

I'm curious about how you constructed this page -- particularly the gray border. Did you mask off the central rectangle and swatch area? Or is one or the other actually made up of separate paper added later?

Love the contrast between the orange portrait background and that dramatic gray swirl frame -- very moody and perfect for the subject! As always, your compositions and palettes are inspiring.

Roz Stendahl said...

Kathy, thanks for checking in. I just started applying masking tape to the board to get shapes that I wanted to work with. And then it sat for a day and I didn't want to work with those shapes after all so I masked more and it turned out to work. My character has a much more lax approach to this type of thing than I do. And in my journal while I like to think I'm pretty lax and go with the flow this month showed me that wasn't quite accurate.

So get yourself some masking tape in various sizes and have some fun!

Roz Stendahl said...

Kathy, I have to make an additional comment, I actually looked at the piece again, the digital image, after I commented to you. I know I used frisket on first and then didn't like those shapes and added masking tape to other areas.

This was early in the project and I gave up on using frisket because I couldn't find any high tack locally and the "extra tack" I could find wasn't holding well to the cold press watercolor board's texture. I could see that on this piece, and that jogged my memory.

And also, always test frisket or artist's masking tape on your paper samples before trying an actual job. I didn't do that on day two or 3 and the tape tore up the paper I was using.

Kathy said...

Many thanks for the details!

I selected the paper for my current art journal in a bit of a rush and it only juuuuust barely tolerates masking tape, if I'm very patient removing it. But it *does* tolerate it, so I'll give it a go. I really love the frames you create on some pages, and want to play with that a bit.

I'm a "frisket-phobe" after a bad experience, although I've had fun with masking sheets/films. Come to think of it, maybe now is a good time to get over my frisket phobia.

There, just took care of my art "agenda" for this evening! I love that working "in character" has lead to insight about your habits/perspective as an artist. Last time I did IFJM (last year) I got really caught up in the story, but not so much "in character", and forgot about the real advantage of approaching art from a new "personality". Time to give that an honest try as well.