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Monday, February 26, 2018

Discovering Your Character for IFJM 2018

This year, Translating the Inevitable, I've provided a list of character questions and a character checklist that you can work on before you begin your first entry on April 1. Many people like to do preparation before starting. This document will aid you in preparing. You can download this PDF for use on your IFJM project.

When I tried to get the document loaded here my design in blogger didn't accommodate the width of the embedded PDF.

I have put the checklist up on a page of Roz Wound Up.

You can also click directly to the PDF window by clicking here.

Once you are in the PDF window you will find the usual symbols you can click on to download or print the file.

Sorry I had to do it this way, but there didn't seem a way to do it here that was quick and easy, without changing the simple layout of the blog—and I don't see any point in doing that tonight!

Hope you have fun getting to know your character.

1 comment:

Maud said...

This is my third year doing the IFJM but my first doing such a thorough background development of my character. In the past I have definitely spent some time on these details but your list of questions took my explorations to a much deeper level and I am so grateful. Thanks so much for posting them!