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Monday, April 16, 2018

Day 16, April 16, 2018 International Fake Journal Month Prompt

Here are the five prompts which YOUR CHARACTER can respond to or incorporate into his journal today.

List A: Finish This Sentence…

We did get to hear…

List B: Questions

Who else knows about this?

List C: Quotations

[Something the REAL YOU has said] Your character is quoting the real you; attribute it to your real self.

List D: Found Dialogue 

I'm what's leftover.

List E: Objects

Weather. (Look outside your window.)

1 comment:

Michelle Himes said...

Thanks for the prompts. I've used them in I think 7 of my pages so far, not always from the same list, just whatever works better for me that day. I know I said I didn't like quotes, and would probably not use them, but I'm finding them good inspiration on the days when I don't have a quote of my own that I can "gelli print" about. LOL