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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The April 26th Page Spread in Roz's 2009 Fake Journal

Above: the April 26 page spread from my 2009 fake journal. I used Ziller Acrylic ink with a dip pen and Schmincke pan watercolors. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

This is probably one of my favorite page spreads from the 2009 fake journal. I love the looseness on the verso page and I really like the detail with looseness of the recto page sketch. I am enjoying the exploration of color, still trying to find what paints in the Schmincke pan group I have will work for me. That and happy paper resistance accidents are what I love about this field book. Revisiting any subject matter over and over, in our real journals or in fake journals, can help us observe more clearly.

The text of the page spread follows.

Verso page labels top to bottom:
Tilt to head

Head on they seem impossibly wide

There's a dark split running down the neck feathers

Walking away

End feathers higher on this receding leg

The feet are very strong looking with thick toes

4th toe

Fourth toe held over pad of foot and not clearly visible in the sketch.

09.04.26 4 p.m.

Overcast, the ground is damp from the storms early this morning
Recto Page:
10:30 p.m. I sat with Chuck last night and he seemed better. Today I joined up with Lou's crew and went to the firing range to keep up the skills Chuck insists on. Lou is pretty intense, but there is a lot of joking in his people too. Alec was talking a mile a minute. In general people just left me alone. This afternoon Lou sat with me and Morgan so we could sketch turkeys outside the compound. The doctor was checking out Chuck.

This evening I was shocked to see how bad Chuck was. He'd been vomitting [sic] and his fever was still too high (103). He's having trouble breathing. I sat with him for an hour until the med tech kicked me out.

We had a good talk though…slow. "You're like a little dog who things she's a big dog," he laughed, coughing, struggling for breaths. He was talking about Ken Darling's fire riot. "Don't change." I don't like him talking like that—it's so final.

[label] One decided to stare at me off and on for a short while. They have impossibly large eyes.


aimee said...

oh, roz - i just found out about this and i love the concept! do you mind if i include a link to your fake journal blog for the next facebook journal pages prompt? it's wonderful!!

journalrat said...

aimee, certainly link to your facebook journal prompts—maybe we can get some more people keeping fake journals ALL YEAR LONG!

aimee said...

thanks, roz! i'll post the prompt this week!