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Friday, May 7, 2010

Spy Girl: Thoughts on Fake Journaling from Anne M. Bray

Left: An image from Spy Girl's 2010 fake journal. Image ©2010 Anne M. Bray. 

Anne M. Bray is a two-time fake journal keeper. You can find the 2010 fake journal of Anne M. Bray here. (Sorry for the clunky name repetition but I want my links to be "complete.")

I asked Anne if she would write about her experiences with fake journaling now that her second year was finished. I think that people new to fake journaling can benefit from reading about her experiences with fake journaling in part because her 2009 and 2010 journals differ from each other in media and in approach.

I recommend you read Anne's experiences with fake journaling in her own words. Her journey will be an inspiration for people who aren't "hard core" journal keepers. Fake journaling has actually spawned additional blogs for her! I would suggest that those are journals and that Anne is actually becoming a "hard core" journal keeper after all! (You need to check out her delightful blog Cupcake Safari. The delicate colored pencil drawings of cupcakes are delicious.)

I love two things about Anne's 2010 fake journal. First she let the idea flow from a found object—a sketch she found under an oleander bush outside her house. This ties in beautifully with her involvement in "Found It (Urban Artifacts), a Facebook group. But it also speaks to me of the way in which creative minds look around and find something (either an idea or a physical object) and allow it to expand and give life to a whole other creative project.

The other thing I enjoyed learning about Anne's 2010 experience was that she let the fake journal serve for two creative projects she wanted to participate in. ArtHouse sponsored a March/April project for work in a small black moleskine themed "this is where I live." Anne's Spy Girl journal documents what she wore during April. 

Sometimes we have a lot of desire to participate in several projects at the same time. Finding a way to satisfy that urge without busting our schedules is a good skill to work on. It can also help you focus on what is truly important to you about each of the projects that you take on.

OK, there's a third thing I loved about Anne's 2010 fake journal: the inclusion of found items in her "confidential" envelopes on each page. In so many ways this simple approach allowed her to combine so many of her interests. When projects are structured that way we have a higher possibility of completion and an even deeper satisfaction in the final product or outcome.

Take a moment now to read what Anne has to say about her experiences with fake journaling. Then think about how her discoveries and approaches might be useful for you next year when you are getting ready to jump in to your 2011 fake journal! 

Thank you again Anne for your active participation in this year's celebration!


anne m bray said...

Thanks Roz for the lovely write-up. You asked me to write something and I guess it was time to sit back and WRITE! I was surprised that I had so much to say.
I'm always having to write statements about my fine art for exhibitions. I think doing the same for my blogs was helpful.

I'm "hardcore" something... not sure what!

Melinda Bilecki said...

I love the way Anne's mind works! The way she brings together disparate yet related elements is like some kind of wonderful alchemy. It's very inspiring!

journalrat said...

Anne, thank you again for sharing your thoughts. I really do think it matters to others, but I think it mostly matters to the creative person.
Perhaps you're "hardcore creative." How's that?

journalrat said...

Melinda, I couldn't agree more.

Anne M Bray said...

I just reread this. "Hardcore Creative" -- LOVE that. Using it on my "About" page on SpyGirl. Because an "About" page is crucial for a fashion blogger, say the experts.

journalrat said...

Anne, rock being a Hardcore Creative!