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Monday, May 3, 2010

Winners in the 2010 Contests and the Twentieth Entry in Roz's 2010 Fake Journal

Left: my twentieth entry in my 2010 fake journal. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Congratulations to Kyra Sanders who won the draw for the Promotion Contest (for all those who put the Link-Button on their blogs).

Congratulations to Gina Mitsdarfer who won the draw for the Participation—Posted on Your Own Blog. (There was a subcategory for blogless folks who wanted to post on this blog but no one entered that portion of the contest.)

Both of these winners will be receiving one of the contest prize books. I have their postal addresses so as soon as the buttons are made I will be sending those out. (Gina and Kyra, you can expect a heads up post next week.)

Everyone else, whether you participated in the promotional aspect of International Fake Journal Month or participated by keeping a fake journal (or both), if you sent me your address with your entry (as requested) you will be receiving a commemorative button. (I hope to mail them next week.)

If you sent in an entry but didn't send your postal address you will have recently received an email from me asking for one. If you want a button, please reply. If I don't hear back I'll just assume you're not a button person (I know not everyone is and that's OK.)

Either way, I want to thank you all for your energetic participation in this year's festivities!

This week and next I'll continue to post the remaining pages of my fake journal and have some thoughts on my fake journal—as well as some explanations for all of you who have so patiently been reading along. I hope you'll check back for those posts. 

But even more important, start thinking about your 2011 Fake Journal!


Gina said...

Oh, I’m so excited to have won one of your lovely hand bound watercolor books, Roz; thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! I’m sure the unique size will encourage all kinds of experimentation and will generate fodder for future blog posts. Can’t wait to try it with Inktense pencils, too, recently discovered and used in my Fake Journal.

E*phi said...

Congrats to the winners! Can't wait to see what they'll fill the beautiful books with on their blogs (hopefully)!
And yay for buttons! :)
I'm so looking forward to IFJM 2011!

Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

I am so excited! Thank you Roz - more than the prize, I am so thankful I stumbled upon this opportunity to ignore myself. At the end - I found that I did not ignore myself, but I put myself in a chrysalis for that period. I found a new pair of art wings at the end of the journey. I look forward to participating next year!

journalrat said...

Ky, I find the analogy of a chrysalis interesting. If you would like to write something more about this in a wrap-up statement I would love to post it here as a guest post or link to it on your blog. (My post today, Wednesday, asks for wrap-up links.)

So glad it was a good experience for you.

journalrat said...

Gina, the odd size of the book actually would make it perfect for your next-year's fake journal—if you can stand to wait that long to use it.

One think I have to warn you about. InkTense are EXTREMELY fugitive. I thought I had a chart up somewhere on my blog but I can't find it with a search. I did find my Derwent Graphitints chart http://rozwoundup.typepad.com/roz_wound_up/2008/10/derwent-graphit.html

InkTense pencils are every bit as bad, if not worse.

And Graphitints and InkTense fade even when not in the light (so in a closed book!) as one of my friends discovered with her Graphitints drawings http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/2690752098/

So please keep this in mind when making artworks with those two pencil lines. Derwent Drawing (are not watersoluble) but stand up to light tests well—so it isn't all their lines, just these two watersoluble ones mentioned.

I like Faber Castell's Albrecht Durer Watersoluble pencils for watersoluble pencils. None of the watersoluble pencil brands is perfect, but I've had good results and long-lasting results with those.

journalrat said...

E*phi, I can't wait to see either. It's almost more fun than making a book—to see what someone does with it.