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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Winners in the 2011 IFJM Contests Announced

There were three contests for this year's IFJM:
1. Participation by publishing your images.
2. Promotion of IFJM (posting and keeping the promotional button up on your blog until May 3).
3. Project Journal Infiltration WITHIN IFJM (drawing me [or "sighting" me in words or photos as some participants chose to do this year] in your fake journal). 

After eligibility was determined (i.e., I checked that people had done the required minimum of pages, or were still showing the button, etc. depending on the contest entered) slips were made and placed into three baskets. A friend came over this afternoon to conduct the drawing.

The winners are:
1. In the Participation category: Sarah Robinson.

2. In the Promotion category: Joan Tavolott.

3. In the Project Journal Infiltration Within IFJM category: Miss T (who doesn't have a website, but she has sent pages to me to publish, which is an option, and I'm behind in getting that stuff up—so I'll do that as soon as I can).

I'm relieved the contests were drawings, because frankly there were so many inventive and fun approaches this year I don't know how I could have chosen between one journal and the next for a favorite.

I hope to get all the remaining buttons (for promoters and foreign participants), along with the prizes, out in the mail in the next two days. I need my work table back!

Again, I want to thank ALL OF YOU for participating in this year's celebration of IFJM. I love seeing what you do, and I love hearing afterward what epiphanies and discoveries have come forward.

I hope you will all join with me again next year to "Dig Deep." Look for the pre-April activities to start on this blog around March 1, 2012.

In the meantime, please know that you'll be able to see the rest of my 2011 fake journal here over the next few days. I finished my fake journal this year on April 30 by using the last page and the endsheet.
While I didn't start a new fake journal for May, you can still visit Tyra D. Sheere's two nom de plume websites (Esther Rayde and Hydra Seetre) through May 2011. She is still going to be active.

In addition there will be a flip through of my entire fake journal, after all the pages have posted. I like to post the spreads individually so that people can read them, but I like the video flip through because it gives a sense of pace or activity that the character went through. If you make a video flip through of your 2011 fake journal please let me know where it's posted so I can view it.

I want you to know that I am grateful that you chose to spend your creative time and energy in April on this project. I hope your journaling adventures for the rest of the year are beyond your expectations.


freebird said...

Congratulations to Sarah, Joan and Miss T!

Miss T said...

Oh wow! Thank you, Roz!!

Congratulations to Joan and Sarah, and thanks for the good words, freebird.

Scrapacat said...

congrats to the winners! I loved working in my fake journal again this year, unfortunately time got away from me. Roz - thanks so much for hosting this!

Joan T said...

Thanks, Roz!!! Congrats to the other winners! I've really enjoyed doing the fake journal, and hope to participate again next year. Great job everyone!!! Roz, thanks for all your hard work on this.

EscapeHatch said...

Hey Roz!

I'm way behind on checking out your project but am looking forward to the slideshow dealio. May I suggest issuu.com as a possibility for that? I havn't used it personally but the results I have seen look great.

Great job Roz and all the other fakers out there! (I'm thinking of using next year's Sketchbook Project as a fake journal...if I can ever pick a theme.)

EscapeHatch said...

Here's the link to the Sketchbook Project.

I did it this year and it was pretty damned cool. They got nearly 10,000 back!

journalrat said...

EscapeHatch, thanks for the suggestion about issuu.com. I like what they do. I just had to leave the project behind me as quickly as possible so I made a quick video. (Truthfully I couldn't learn one more bit of software from anywhere at the end of April.) But I'm looking forward to doing something with it at a more leisurely pace.
I think it would be great fun if you used your Sketchbook Project as a Fake Journal (that's kind of an infiltration and I love that!) Lots of months to go before you need to pick a theme!

Thanks for the link to the Sketchbook Project. I haven't looked at the link yet but someone told me it was traveling to Chicago so some people from here might go. I know a lot of people who did it and I think it's an exciting project!

Thanks for checking in!

Denise T said...

Congrats to the winners!! Roz-thaks so much for the opportunity! I had so much fun!

Sarah said...

I almost fell out of my chair! Thank you so much, Roz. Congratulations to Joan and Miss T. I have been slowly catching up with everyones' blogs (April has been a crazy month), and am amazed at the diversity and creativity shared. Roz, I had opened up your blog to see today's entry of the 27th & catch up with 24 and 25, which I had missed... when the contest listing on the right column caught my eye... 'Oh yeah, I should see which were the lucky entrants...' a lovely surprise and great company :) Thank you so much. <3

Judi said...

Congratulations to the winners! And, thank you Roz for really getting me started on a regular journaling practice. You're an inspiration and a wealth of information. I'm looking forward to 4/12!