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Saturday, May 12, 2012

April 30 in Roz's 2012 Fake Journal—the Final Entry

Above: April 30 in the 2012 fake Journal. This entry extends onto the endsheet of the inside back cover. I've cropped the image so that the boards of the cover can be viewed around the edges of the open book. Click on the image to view an enlargement. Read below for details.

April 30, 2012 6 a.
Samantha, I pondered this morning the idea of mug shots. None of us looks good in them. Not me, not Ronnie Biggs—I leave this sketch as a memento for you. I hope that they let you have it out of evidence.

Since we both know that you knew that I knew that you would have access to everything I wrote here are a couple parting points:

1. Police response time is easy to test with an ankle monitor—but yes I really was sketching clouds—I haven't burnt a pot of rice since I was seven, however.

2. Martha Stewart was right: ankle monitor removal is easy—especially if you have a "refrigerator repairer" friend who brings in tools. (You were busy searching so I didn't introduce you.)

3. Karl's note wasn't in code. The only really useful code with which to send notes is to have no code—to be the code. His message was to leave.

4. You were never going to find Jimmy Ping's list, no matter how many times you tossed my house. I'm the list. Hidden in plain sight. I keep the catalog of every fake Jimmy signed. I've been his memory since I joined the firm in 1984. He's dead now—if you'd been less rigid I might have shared…

5. Keep looking for the real "Boy in the red vest," because the recently recovered one is a fake…the worst I've ever done. Jimmy and Karl have never let me live down that awkward arm.

6. Tampax tubes make a great hiding place for rolls of cash. No one ever searches them—it's easy to make the wrappers look untouched.

One more thing. The truth about mugshots—we change. I don't look like mine at all any longer…

In some ways it's easier today to disappear than it was in Bigg's day (Especially if you're non-violent). And I have more internal resources than he did—since I don't crave what he craves.

Thanks to all those miles on the trainer I'm fit. I have a destination. (Help yourself to the resistence [sic] trainer wheel upstairs. It's top of the line. The Robbie Ventura "Race Day" video is great.)

Don't expect to see me again…but I expect you'll look.

Please turn out the lights when you leave. Thanks. SNT

[Note at base of back cover where bookbinder's signature is located: RMS 07.04.09
4.12.12 I really like this book and would get more but someone said you can't have hard covered books in prison because you can make skivs out of the boards. It will be a learning experience.

The journal is a 7 x 10 inch handmade journal containing Nideggen paper. The pen used is a Preppy fountain pen. The sketch was made with a 2B mechanical pencil on T.H.Saunders Waterford 90 lb. hot press watercolor paper.


Dana said...

ahhh... the best!

Dana said...

Wait! Is that the painting that was hidden in the car??? Oh now I have to hit Google... First... it's the train robbery guy... then the painting.

In the moment... wow!

Now I'm going back and read from the beginning.

Gallery Juana said...

What a gripping story and ending!

journalrat said...

Dana, Biggs isn't really part of this story. He's only "important" in that originally I was much more interested in mug shots and was going to do more sketches of them throughout the month, but then I realized she was just fascinated with this one mug shot and this one criminal who had been on the lam for so many years.

So don't look for more connections to Biggs. You'll just be frustrated.

Glad you enjoyed it!

journalrat said...

gallery juana, thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


iona said...

I read your last entry and have been going backwards to read all the journal entries again. They make so much sense now! :)

Miss T said...

You're a terrific storyteller, Roz! I'm going to read all your entries again from the beginning.

Dana said...

I've just finished re-reading your... cancel that... SNT's journal. Interesting... her initials are all one letter up from yours... hmmm.

journalrat said...

Yep Dana, I didn't want to give this character a name, because I found at the end of the month she still didn't use a name to describe herself. Hence this easy resolution—because she needed to be able to sign her notes. Hmmmmmm.