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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Before We Wrap Up International Fake Journal Month 2012

First thanks again to everyone who participated. And thank you for your patience while I got my internet connection worked out and started posting pages again.

Before I move onto the final wrap up I've been trying to sort through my emails for the wrap up notes and links people have sent to posts they wrote wrapping up on their own blogs.

I hate to ask this, but everything is in such disarray because of the internet failure, and there is so much missed mail (based on what friends are telling me), if you were a participant and you sent me an email with wrap up notes or an email with a link to a blog post of yours with wrap up notes would you please RESEND that email to me?      rozjournalrat@gmail.com

I wanted to post a wrap up post with your thoughts and experiences. I had asked for that info (or link) to be sent before May 12. I remember getting several but because of the internet problems I can only seem to find two (from LizzieBo and Dana). I couldn't go and look at any of the "links" because I didn't have internet so I can't draw out from memory, "Oh, yeah that was the person doing such and such in her journal." No detective work possible.

So if you sent wrap up notes or a link to your blog where there is a wrap up post please resend, and I'll really get this thing wrapped up: thoughts, contest drawing, and the whole deal.


NOTE: Update May 14, 2012—I got the resent posts and am putting the wrap up post together. Thanks for being so prompt!

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