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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 16, We've Passed the Halfway Mark

Above: the April 9 page spread from my fake journal, which I've been posting chronologically so you can read along. Ziller Acrylic ink with a dip pen and washes with Schmincke Pan Watercolors. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

We've passed the half-way point in International Fake Journal Month. Fifteen more days to go. If you haven't started a fake journal there is still time to do so. Don't be overwhelmed with the project. Break it down into something simple that you can cope with easily. Perhaps you are needing a bit of a break after filing your taxes? Well set aside next weekend to go on a fake trip. Every 2 hours or so over the weekend take 15 minutes to make a quick sketch in a small journal. Say something about where your journal author is and what he's up to. All the regular guidelines for normal journals apply: don't worry if it isn't profound, don't worry about perfect, just keep moving forward.

In 2001 I needed to make a sample journal for a family class (adults and kids) I was teaching. We were going to use black text pages and gel pens. It was a simple pamphlet stitch book which you can see at the link provided. I ended up with a book filled with delightful, simple sketches of things that were happening or items that were around me, including a second Daily Dot for the day in GEL PEN!

Perhaps, if you want to use black text pages (I recommend Arches Cover black, Rives BFK black, or Somerset which also has a black) you could stick in photos you digitally altered on the computer and write fake captions about the day's happenings (hey, that sounds like a lot of fun, maybe I'll do that next year). Or put in newspaper clippings, things that are important to the journal keeper (not you!).

If you use white or cream pages maybe you keep it simple by only using pen, or pencil, or only using 3 colored pencils (a red, blue, and yellow) throughout.

The most convincing fakes are the simplest.

If you have been keeping a fake journal all month, fantastic, congratulations we're half-way through. If you're just starting, great! Happy plunge. There's plenty of time left.

Also, if you haven't already visited my regular blog today, go and see the cool IFJM pin my friend Linda made for me this year! I talk about supporting friends.

For people reading along the text on April 9th's spread reads:

09.04.09 4 p.m. Back to the Target Parking lot at Minnehaha. Fleck came and collected samples.

It's official. I'm considered an albatross. It came out a[t] lunch. Alec let it drop. Explains how distant everyone has remained. People wonder about Gordie's death rather than ask. And I'm not the first artist to lose a partner. I'm surprised—the scientists are more superstitious than the artists. The safety officiers [sic] seem only slightly uncomfortable around me…perhaps because they deal in what they can control.

When Alec brought it up Chuck simply smiled and kept eating—shrugged it off.

He lets me get my work done, makes sure I have personal time. I can't ask for more than that.

[label] longer legs
I borrowed a different nib from Ted. The other was clogging too much…this one isn't as responsive but I'll see what I can do with it on this paper for awhile.

Stretching forward cawing—
really stretching the neck out.

These are too long.


Feet hidden by tail if made right length

white bars and dots on tail

use for bird above!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

This is great, this whole page and your website is filled with good advice and info on drawing materials, etc. Love the continuing Fake Journal, beautiful pages and also the way you are presenting your imaginary self....this is so cool.

I took a look at your sample journal and enjoyed the simple but beautiful way you've done it.