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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Peek in Diana Oakley's 2009 Fake Journal

Above: A page spread from Diana Oakley's 2009 Fake journal, which includes expressive art with written entries. ©2009 Diane Oakley. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Diana Oakley sent in the above excerpt from her 2009 Fake Journal. You can visit her website to see more of her pages and read more about her process. Read about the interesting approach she has taken in her fake journal, in her own words:
I decided to keep a journal of the flip-side of my world: dreams, daydreams, and everything running through my head. I'm writing it down as if it is real. Makes for some really eclectic reading. The drawings are random too and follow no theme.

I'm using pencil and watercolor pencil - dipping the actual pencils in water and drawing with them. It's going well. I have to make sure I write my dreams down right away or I forget them. I was translating some of the journal last night on the page I set up for it and was surprised at how many of the dreams I had already forgotten.
Diana has given herself a great opportunity for freedom with the use of random drawings following no theme. I love that she is using her actual dreams. She will get the added benefit of having them recorded at the end of the month.


Diana said...

Oh My Gosh! I logged in to get the url for a submission and was surprised to see my journal on your blog. Thank you! So I guess I don't have to send in another submission. ; 0>

I will report that the journal is finished entirely - even the blank and unfinished pages originally posted - and on the site. The last entry is today's with artwork to boot - a pretty fine drawing of myself, I have to admit. I couldn't resist ending with being awakened by the alarm to find that I had been dreaming....or was I???

Again, thanks!

journalrat said...

Diana, since your image came with the two explanatory paragraphs I just assumed it was an entry. Glad that's OK.

Even more glad to hear that you finished your journal today! That's grand. And great to wake up just in time to start keeping your real journal!

Thanks for diving in to the process.