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Thursday, April 9, 2009

An IFJM Contest

Left: T-shirts and a button will be awarded in the IFJM Contest. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Today I'm celebrating 6 months of daily posting on my blog Roz Wound Up.

It seems the perfect time to have a contest related to International Fake Journal Month. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

Please go to my post on Rozworks today, to check out the procedure for entering. It's not complicated, but there are some very specific guidelines you need to follow.

Whether or not you take time to enter the contest I hope that you are enjoying your fake journal experience. Take a moment to keep me posted on how it went at the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roz,
I've set up my own feedblitz subscription to your regular blog (since I didn't see a way to get your notifications by email on your regular blog). Reading your blog post is literally the first thing I do every morning (on my iPhone, in bed, trying to get motivated to get up). Anyway, I'm finally convinced to try the fake journal and have a fun idea for who I'll be. Meanwhile, I LOVE the buttons! Will they all be for sale? I want them all! Your adoring fan, Jana

journalrat said...

Jana, I'm sorry that I don't understand all that feedblitz stuff. I thought on the regular blog people could subscribe by clicking on one of the icons I installed, but from your feedback I know that isn't the case now. I'll have to ask someone about this.

I'm so glad that you enjoy reading the blog. (ON YOUR IPHONE!!! I love it)

And I'm even more excited that you are going to do a fake journal!

I know you've already written to me about the button thing, but for people who don't know, if you want a button you can click on the gull image at the top right of this blog and see the button of the week. Only one a week because sadly Cafe Press only lets you have one item in your shop unless you upgrade to a different level of shop (something I didn't know when setting up there; and then I didn't have time to set up elsewhere).

I wasn't counting on selling many buttons as you can guess!

But selling the world on fake journals, well that's another thing!

Have fun.