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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Contest for IFJM

NOTE: Responding to this email in the comments section with your answer to the contest "hide and seek" means automatic disqualification—don't ruin it for someone else, follow the steps below to enter.

I'm happy to report that despite a chaotic family situation right now I've found time to keep working on my 2013 fake journal (I've got 30 page spreads so far as the "author" does 3 spreads a day—which means Roz has to stay up rather late, but it's keeping me sane).

Unfortunately the journal is impossible to scan (large and unwieldy—when you see it you'll see why) and so my only option is to video tape it. I have not yet had time to set up the lights and work out a way to do that. I expect to have some of it done by this weekend—so watch for the first in a series of video flip-throughs, and there's a good reason to watch for that.

This year for the contest I've decided to play a little hide and seek, which is perfect in the journal that's developing.

To participate in this year's contest you'll want to watch the videos I post of the journal. And you'll want to do the following as you watch:

1. Keep your eyes peeled for a small silver gray, retro looking ROBOT STICKER on one of the page spreads. (It's only about 1 inch tall on a 9 x 12 inch page, or an 18 x 12 inch spread as I'll show the journal in spreads.)

2. Make a note of which page you spot it on. You will want to note down what the dominant item from that page spread is, e.g., portrait of a dog (if you don't know the breed of dog, mention the color I used to paint it); portrait of a man or woman with some sort of distinguishing feature (blue hair, orange cheeks, whatever); portrait of a bird (ditto on the details). You will want to note down any important LARGE text on the page. Also include your postal address so that I can mail your prize. 

3. You will want to put the information from item 2 into an email and send it to me at rozjournalrat@gmail.com—the subject line must be 2013 IFJM Contest. (Be sure to include your postal address.)

4. You may only enter one time.

5. Your entry must be received within 48 hours of my posting of the video of the final section of the book. NOTE: It looks like I'll work through this book before the end of April if I keep up this pace, so I would suggest that around April 18 you really check every day to see if the final video has been posted.

6. If you spot the robot in one of the earlier videos (because I'll be taping the journal in parts) by all means go ahead and enter at the time you first see it and can note down the particulars of the page. But remember you only get to enter once. (There will be only ONE ROBOT in the entire journal.) If you want to wait and watch all the videos at once, or check yourself by all means go ahead and do that. Entering early is not important. All correctly directed and filled out entries go into the drawing.

7. Once the final video does go up I'll post a note as to the exact time the contest will end. Entries received before that time and which follow these steps will be put into a hat and a winner will be drawn.

8. The winner will receive a lovely little handmade book (I'm sorry I don't have a photo of it but it is really cute!). It is 3-1/16 x 4-1/8 inches (so just right for a pocket or small purse). It contains 60 pages of 90 lb. cold press watercolor paper that's perfect for all sorts of visual journaling with wet and dry media.  The covers are covered with gray Japanese bookcloth and decorative paper handpainted by me. (It has a retail value of $18.00, but I don't make these for sale any more so you can only get one if you win.) Even if you don't like to work small and have a journal in your pocket your fake journal author for 2014 might just enjoy that! And it will be the perfect journal for that. (Note: if between now and the drawing something happens to this little book I reserve the right to substitute another small handmade journal of equal value, just as cute.)

9. The winner will also receive a 2013 IFJM Commemorative Button.

So keep your eyes peeled. In the next few days I hope to make the first video installment and also start writing about what has been happening here during IFJM and in my journal. Once I post the first portion of the book in video form you can start looking for that Robot!

Happy Hunting!

Note: As of April 18, 2013, 11 p.m. CST the INTERACTIVE aspect of my 2013 fake journal is completed. No more interactive entries should be sent. (Due to a math error on my part I did too many journal pages each day and ended up finishing before April's end.)

NOTE: Responding to this email in the comments section with your answer to the contest "hide and seek" means automatic DISQUALIFICATION—don't ruin it for someone else, follow the steps above to enter.

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