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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Peek at a Page in Roz's 2013 Fake Journal

Left: Pages 78-79 in my 2013 Fake Journal. Page size is approx. 9 x 12 inches. Read below for more details and some views from the earlier stages before the background was painted over with white to further isolate the sketches. Arrows are rubberstamped. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

I feel a little frustrated that I haven't been able to post any pages from this year's fake journal. For several weeks I've been the go-to family member focusing on getting my extended family in a stable situation.

I have one rule I've held to ever since I started blogging at Roz Wound Up in 2008. Creative production trumps documentation. If it's a choice of meeting my creative goals or posting about what I've been making, then posts always lose.

I haven't had time to put two thoughts together for my blogs (and I'm going to have to start doing that soon as my prepared posts that I pre-schedule are all used up!). But it looks like I'm going to fill this journal by the 18th so I wanted to post something in advance of that, and in advance of the video flip through I mentioned the other day.

I can't really start at the beginning today and fill you in on what's happening as I only stole a few minutes to post some particulars about this spread. I'll write more, in pieces, in the coming weeks.

I've been using the Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook with dotted grid pattern that I wrote about on Roz Wound Up.

Above: The page spread at the start of the process. You can see the Gelli-Arts printing plate prints on the pages and the collaged paper in the top left (also gelli-plate printed). And you can see my finch sketches—Faber-Castell Pitt Artists' Calligraphy Pen. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

The journal is totally unsuitable for the type of mixed media visual journaling I've been doing in it and my character finds it totally suitable. Most of my friends who have seen the 42 page spreads (84 pages) I've completed so far, think I'm off my nut. I am.

I asked a friend I trust artistically on Saturday if she liked it or hated it (she had a look of horror on her face). She diplomatically said, "Wait until the end of the month, put it away until June, and then look at it."

We had a good laugh.

Above: Detail of the finch sketch at the top center. Click on the image to view an enlargement. (This is before the background was overpainted with white.)

I hope you are all having a good laugh at least some of the time with your 2013 fake journals.

I can say that I've discovered a lot of things about me and a lot of things about materials (art materials). I can't wait to share them with you.

I'm working in brief bursts of writing to make intelligible and helpful posts that won't overwhelm your day with "reading." Because after all, you have pages to create too.

So there's one peek, and more to come. I have to say that while the jury is still out about the entire book (and that's a story in itself) I have to admit that I really liked this page of aviary birds, especially when I put in the white background paint—they look like those old printed bandanas people wore in the years before "Survivor" popularized the stretchy "buff."

If you hit a time crunch, keep working on your project and worry about showing it to people later. (Yes, Roz should have picked a more manageable approach as she's always telling people to do—but we never really know what's going to happen do we?) So keep working, and work hard, and have fun.

See another page spread peek, and discussion of the process, at Roz Wound Up on April 16, 2013.


Dana said...

Your photos are fabulous Roz! I opened both the "before" and "after" in separate windows and really enjoyed toggling back and forth between them. The registration is almost perfect and allows me to see how the pages progressed as you worked.

Thanks for the peek!

journalrat said...

Thanks Dana, the way my browser works the three images come up in a row and I can toggle back and forth as you say and I thought it was really fun to see the before white paint and after white paint versions too. I'm glad you enjoyed that. It was simply luck that the images were about the same size—I was hand holding the camera above the kitchen "island" because without setting up lights that's the brightest non-glare area we have! (My studio is brighter but the lights shine down and cause glare.)

Check over at Roz Wound Up Tuesday a.m. because I post another peek of a different page spread over there.

Michelle Himes said...

Hi, Roz! Sorry to hear that you have had extended family issues to deal with, but stuff happens. I enjoyed your page peek, and can't wait to see the rest. I'm, of course, behind in my fake journal again. I just can't seem to commit to the every day thing. Maybe I choose projects that end up taking too much research (I'm spending a lot of time fooling around with Google Maps instead of just enjoying sketching.) I am working on more pages though, so I haven't given up altogether.

journalrat said...

Thanks Michelle. I think we might be getting to a stable period now. And I'm glad you enjoyed this peek.

I think you've hit the nail on the head in your own situation. While subjects that require research are appealing to us because they are going to further distance us from our character they have the added burden of requiring research (so the results are satisfying) and that all takes time.

I tend to isolate what I want to work on (people, buildings, whatever) and then let that mull around in my head until something speaks to me. Also when my character comes to me I find that she is typically standing right next to me, i.e., not too far distant from myself or my interests, someone who researches birds for instance, isn't a far jump from me (2009) but the circumstances (post epidemic) were, but the locations were all within reach for me.

I think you're pages have been going along and meeting goals you've set. If you're finding there's too much research can you stop here traveling around and focus on smaller things like the dinners he might eat and the stuff he buys in the stores and that's all he sketches because he's decompressing? And that will give you time to mentally catch up. Because even if that person existed he'd need time to decompress? I'm not sure how it would all fit with your plan, but my basic suggestion is that you think about ways to keep going, to alter things slightly so you can keep going, so that you don't feel the urge to give up the book because the time input is too great.

I hope you can hang in there. This is all good info for next year, because your blog did say this was for all future fake journals!

Anne M Bray said...

Wow, those are absolutely stunning! LOVE! What can I say, I'm a messy maximalist at heart.

I've been having a blast with my 2013 project (SO much better than last year's bout with reality + paranoia). I'm giving and getting lots of blog love.
Once again, IFJM helps me reach new heights. Fake will become a new, richer reality. If it weren't for IFJM... well, I just don't know WHAT sort of blogging I'd be doing.

You are THE BEST!

journalrat said...

Thanks Ann. I'm glad you enjoyed the spread. I think maybe I wish I were a messy maximalist!

I'm glad you're 2013 project is going well and that you're having fun with IFJM again. I'm so glad that you could participate again. I just love seeing what you are up to. And when I get on Facebook I love seeing what you're wearing!