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Monday, April 29, 2013

One Last Plea for an Address of a Contributor

I've got the buttons for the "interactive" portion of my 2013 fake journal ready to mail out, but I NEVER HEARD BACK from the person who posted a "sewing" related item from Texas.

If you are that person please write to me at Rozjournalrat@gmail.com with your postal address. Have the Subject read, "It's Me" or "I sent it" and then in the body of the message tell me what it was you sent.

Don't respond to this post in the comments section.

If I get a note from you still this evening I can have it in tomorrow's mail with the other buttons. If not it will still go out to you but it will have to wait until I find myself able to go to the P.O. (which frankly is rare these very hectic days).

So please let me know.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in interesting scraps and flat tidbits that I could incorporate. I hope you enjoy your buttons.

(For anyone who wants to get a button but didn't participate I'll let you know what the cost will be after I've been to the P.O. I couldn't find any more of the small envelopes I like to use for this and which I'd had weighed at the P.O. so I really have no idea right now how much postage will be—in one of those weird "this just shouldn't be moments" the larger envelopes actually cost a little less, so who knows what is going on.)

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