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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eleventh Entry in Roz's 2010 Fake Journal

Left: my eleventh entry in my 2010 fake journal. Click on the image to view and enlargement.

This is one of my favorite sketches from this year's project. For me the eleventh day of April was a bit of a turn around. Definitely a day in which I had more clarity about the author of the journal (which I'll write about at the end of April).

For now, there are 6 more drawings, 6 more pages to do (I've finished today's entry). I'm already getting a little bit of a sense of, don't know what, melancholy is too strong a word, but a sense that I will miss the project when it's over. Things become habit when we do them daily over time. That habit happens quickly. It's great that journaling is such a helpful and healthy habit!

Have fun on these remaining days. Savor the moments.

Oh, and yes that's dried glue on the red paper at the spine. Isn't it wonderful! Fussy Roz doesn't have to worry about it at all because it's not her journal! Pure enjoyment.


Melinda Bilecki said...

Love this, Roz! Wonderful, interesting expression!

I'm starting to feel kind of melancholy too as I think about IFJM ending. It's been quite an experience posting every day. I've never done that before - in fact, I've never done a journal entry (fake or otherwise) every single day for 24 days. I've learned a LOT. :)

journalrat said...

Thanks Melinda.

And yes, that slightly melancholy feeling you're getting is WITHDRAWAL starting just a tad early.

I'm glad that you have learned a lot and I hope that one of the things you can take with you is the feeling of posting and drawing everyday and decide how that works in your regular journal and your life!

Five more days!

Anonymous said...

Roz, love the weighted line in the hair. you inspire always!

journalrat said...

Thanks anonymous. With only 3 more days/drawings in this year's fake journal I think this is still going to be my favorite of the month.

Karen Sandstrom at Pen in Hand said...

Whoa, it's killing me that I just discovered your fake journal thing, and your fab posts.
Next year, next year ... (meanwhile, I'll just enjoy yours.)

journalrat said...

Karen, welcome. Don't worry, you can do fake journals at any time, it's just that April is International Fake Journal Month, so it gives one a little push as it were.

Take a look over in the right-hand column, about 4 "paragraphs" down, under subscribe to this blog you'll find "2010 International Fake Journal Month Participants Who Post Their Pages."

Check out some of those links to see what other people have been up to in their fake journals. It will help you get ready for next year's celebration.

Anne Bray and Jana Bouc both participated last year so their blogs probably have posts from those volumes as well if you check the archives. There maybe some others who are returning to it and I'm just not recognizing names right now. (I have more an more difficulty keeping names in my head!)

The point is, there is some fun stuff out there for you to look at.

And the archives of this blog, especially for last year's posts, have some helpful tips (whether you keep a regular or fake journal).

I'll look forward to you participating next year!!!