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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preparing for End and the Sixteenth Entry in Roz's 2010 Fake Journal

Left: the sixteenth entry in my 2010 fake journal. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

On day 16 the author of my fake journal fell in love with this person's nose. I have to say I did too.

This morning, the author of my fake journal completed the penultimate sketch, and for me there's a definite tug—"What am I going to do on Saturday?" I know what's happening Friday when this wraps up. It became obvious about a week in, and then it became inevitable, then it didn't seem so, and then again it became so. But what about Saturday, with this time I have always set aside for the fake journal? It happens every year.

In my April 25 post I urged you to make plans for May 1. I'm repeating that urging so you know how serious I am.

In the past some participants have actually felt bereft when the celebration is over. And they miss their fake journal author.

Well, maybe, if you are very attached to your fake journal author he/she can write you letters during the year and stay in touch. You don't have to completely let them go. I'm a huge fan of writing letters and would love to see the illustrated letter make a come back—think about it.

Other participants are happy to see the fake journal authors pick up their tools and leave.

Regardless of how you feel about your fake journal author, please remember that May 1 is the perfect time to establish a useful and on-going switch of journal practices to carry forth in your regular journal. You get to take anything good that you unearthed and apply it forward in your regular journal. You get to leave behind anything annoying, unfruitful, and not useful—knowing that you learned in the process how to approach those "things."

If you worked hard in your fake journal all month, daily, or almost so, don't take a vacation on May 1—keep going. Life and journaling are in part about momentum. Keep the creative machinery clicking, keep it fed, keep your appointment with your creativity.


Jana Bouc said...

My fake journaler isn't at all ready to put down the pen (and magic wand) and she plans to hang around to fill her book of spells and unspells. Thanks for the inspiration. I love your face drawings with their wondefully defined features.

Jules said...

Roz you're an inspiration, you really are! I started the fake journal month with such glee - then we had a bit of an awful drama at home with my DH - who is still, very worryingly, in hospital - si my three ntitries at the beginning and my 'little person' author, have been left in limbo - but I will put her back in 'hibernation' until next year when I will no doubt feel a bit less creatively stunted. I HAVE, though, bloody-mindedly kept on with my own journal (only a recent habit since just before christmas) - although sometimes it's more written than illustrated. C'est la vie, eh?

Jules W

journalrat said...

Jana, I'm glad to hear this. I think a full book of spells and unspells (and who's to say one is enough?) is great. When you have a character you love (or hate, not your case, but it applies to some) and she has more to say I'm always in favor of letting them have voice. I look forward to your on-going journey. Thanks for jumping in again this year! And I'm glad you enjoyed my drawings. There's a bit of text coming up at the very end that's coming up.

journalrat said...

Jules, well you did well to protect your regular journal. That always comes first with the journal, especially when there are family emergencies. I'm glad at least you could get a little taste for the fake journal. Writing is great in a journal, even a visual journal. I think one just has to go with what is happening and get something down on paper, written or visual, or a mix. Something that keeps the connection with your brain, heart, and hand going. Something simple and direct that helps you move through difficult times. It's always one page at a time, and only after a life of pages can you even begin to see the pattern. So keep filling pages.