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Friday, April 9, 2010

Who's Celebrating International Fake Journal Month 2010?

Left: The first page of my 2010 International Fake Journal Month Journal. APICA notebook, with Stabilo All pencil; paper cut away to expose dark green Canson Mi Tientes on the right side of the page. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

A week into International Fake Journal Month and my character has been working steadily along with a page a day but I'm still a little foggy on some of the details. This is great for me because it makes me sit with the discomfort of that. More important to me, however, is the struggle I'm having letting my character keep such a text-free zone of a journal.

I will write more on this during the month. Today, however, I want to provide a list of links that will take you to the work of other fake journal keepers. I hope that you take a moment this weekend to check out these links and see the variety of approaches that people are attempting this month. They are stretching themselves both as to content and materials. I have been excited to see what they are producing and I know you will enjoy seeing it as well. I hope you take the time to go to their sites and encourage them in their journey.

Also, remember, it is not too late to join in. You can start today, as if your character simply finished his previous journal and picked up a new clean volume—because after all, how often do we get to start a new journal on the first day of the month? (And if you always do, well, all the more reason to let your character start one on an alternate day.)

Journal Keepers Participating in International Fake Journal Month 2010:
The link to each name gets you to their first post. Check later posts on their blog as well, for additional IFJM posts. (These links are listed in the order in which they were received.)

Melinda Bilecki (The journal of Sam Phaling, Executive Protection Specialist, begins.)

Julie Williamson (A mysterious journal by someone small.)

Liz Steel (A teddy bear takes the lead.)

Holly Herrick (The adventures of Mimi a perfectionist obsessed with watercolor paints—the three primaries only.)

Suzanne Queen (Remains herself, but different.)

Anne Bray (Has a blog for her fake journal: Spy Girl. Also Ann participated last year as well.)

Carol (A sort of historical postal fake Journal—Marco Polo's Fourth wife sends postcards.)

Evi (The diary of Raven R. Van Heavensong—in the environs of Harry Potter)

Kat Haberlack (Fizzgig Nushmut's observations and media experiments.)

Jill Jones (A travel journal begins.)

EVA tdb (Her fake journal author is off on an excursion in the Pacific.)

Timaree Cheney (Is a fish out of water)

Elizabeth Nevshemal (Her fake journal begins with an illuminated letter and entries surrounding the Christian calendar.)

Brandy Harrington (Her character is going to be playing with ink and watercolors.)

Note: if you don't find your posts linked here please review link submission guidelines. Some how filters in my mail program have weeded you out. I'd love to include you in future lists, and the contest drawing, if you would submit following guidelines.

If you aren't interested in posting your fake journal pages in public (either on this blog or on your own, with a link set up here) I would still love to hear from you about how your experience plays out for the month—so keep me posted. Fake journals can be private, and that's totally legitimate. Keep going.

Have a great weekend browsing these fake journals.


mo said...

well, i had planned to participate this year. i've been planning it for months, actually. but life intervened to create a delay, so i'll just do some more creative planning and participate next year. but i'm enjoying reading the blogs of this year's entries, they're so creative and fun. what a cool project, roz!!

ps: i was especially happy to find the entry by Borromini Bear, since i've been a huge fan of his for a couple of years now. at least he's found an outlet for his voice ;)

journalrat said...

Mo, I know how life can interrupt our art plans. I just want to encourage you and remind you that you can still participate this year. Select a smaller volume perhaps—a 16 page pamphlet that you throw together. And start in when you have a chance this month. I think people even starting at the end of the month, who get at least 3 entries in get something from the experience.

However, if it isn't to be this year, I'm glad you're considering joining in next year.

Take care.