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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fourth Entry in My 2010 Fake Journal

Left: the fourth entry of this year's fake journal. I'm still using only the Stabilo All (black; used dry) and cutting away the page to expose Canson Mi Tientes. I'm working in the APICA soft-covered notebook. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

Since I don't use pencil in my visual journals much (I don't like all the smearing and smudging) I'm having a bit of a vacation from myself and my usual prejudices against smudges.

The insertion of a backing sheet of Canson Mi Tientes on each page (you can see the previous page's backing sheet at the left of the image) has caused this slim writing notebook to start to curl (with the grain of course) in an interesting fashion. It causes the pages to rub against the previous page—and since this isn't my journal I'm not in the least concerned.

Yep, quite a vacation.


Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

LOL! Isn't that freeing - "It's not my problem so I don't feel compelled to fix it."

Are you going to post a new list of people participating in the challenge? My link hasn't shown up tho I've sent it and complied with the requirements.


journalrat said...

Tinker, I will be publishing weekly updates, so one on Friday or Saturday should have yours, but bunnynest doesn't sound familiar so maybe my filter got you? I'll go check. But it should be in the update on Friday or Saturday—Thanks for asking!!!

Glad you are participating.

journalrat said...

Tinker, I went into the folder and looked and can't find a message from you—Subject line should read: IFJM MY BLOG post #1 (2, 3, etc.)

I can use your link from your comment to add you to the update on the blog, but to make sure you make it into the drawing (which will come from the folder of entries) could you try one more time. Sorry you haven't got through.