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Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 International Fake Journal Month Begins Today

I am wishing every 2016 participant the best of luck as you begin your project today. I hope that you have fun, that you push yourself, that you learn a ton, and that you gain insights that you can use in your regular journaling and creative life.

Remember to let me know if you want to be in the Facebook group in order to share your images. Or if you are sharing your images publicly on a dedicated blog or Flickr or a website send me a direct line after you have five entries up and I'll add you to the Participants list in the right-hand column.

Have a great celebration.


MHBD said...

Happy IFJM Day 1, Roz!
I've been so caught up with this that I've already done 15 pages of prologue!

Gina Lento said...

Hey Roz, can you please add my blog to the 2016 list....


MHBD said...

oops - forgot to add link to my MHBD's Fake Journal blog: http://mhbdifjm.blogspot.ie

Sandra Moreano said...

Hey Roz, can you please add me to your 2016 list?

My Fake Journal is at


Urban Rustic said...

Can you add me to the 2016 participant list please you can find me at


thank you!