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Friday, April 22, 2016

April 4 Entry in Roz's 2016 Fake JournalT

The finished page: 10 x 16 inch watercolor
board (cold press) with warm up sketches
at the bottom. See the rest of the post for other views.
Day 4 was the best so far, because of course I was visiting with my friend Tom and able to work on the fake journal at the same time.

This is the board masked off during the
drawing process.
You can see the warm up sketches and the final sketch I made as the first image in this post, but I thought you would also like to see the fun my character had with masking. You can see that in the other images. Click on them to view an enlargement.

The mask was in place as she drew with the PPBP and then she painted only the exposed area of the board as you can see in the second image. Later she removed the mask and she added it to the back of the board as shown in one of the photos.

Here's the mask saved on the back of
the board.
To save time the REAL Roz masked the board all up before Tom arrived and the bottom portion of the yellow mask folded down over the warm up area when warm up time was over. I felt this was the most respectful thing to do to not waste Tom's time. (Portrait time under 50 minutes including warm ups and painting.) We'll never really know if the character would have been that respectful, but I think she would have been, based on the little I've gleaned.


MHBD said...

I love your watercolours Roz. Amazing glazes!
I wish I could do something so stunning in 50 minutes!

Roz Stendahl said...

Thanks MHDB! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm grateful I have friends who sit for me so I can have lots of practice!