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Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 12 Entry in Roz's 2016 Fake Journal

Left: My character was sketching Richard again. You can click on the image and read the side notes in an enlargement.

Today I have two images in the post because besides the finished piece my character likes to make correction notes. I thought it would be fun to show the overlay she did after the final sketch to make reminders for herself on where she would make corrections in a final painting.
Left: Overlay with some ink thoughts for corrections. I think she needs to go a lot further and correct the slop as well as the distances. Click on the image to view an enlargement. 


Michelle Himes said...

Interesting! What do you use for your overlay, and do you attach it to your journal permanently? I also notice that you have written a lot of "corrective" notes on this one. Is that your inner critic talking?

Roz Stendahl said...

I've got a piece of parchment tracing paper on it so I can see beneath it, but also draw on it. It' s folded over at the top end and the folded flap is attached with archival tape to the back. Yes I'll leave it on there permanently as it's "part" of her page.

Those notes are from my character's EDITING EYE—they are specific things that she can change to improve.

You want to work with your Editing Eye to improve and he's essential to your life as an artist.

In a nutshell: Your internal critic tells things are shit, or you are, and is general and vague.

The Editing Eye is your friend because he realistically assesses the situation in a way that provides specific ways to improve something, which assess accurately and honestly.

I help students with learning the difference and working with the E.E. in my Drawing Practice class.

But the specifics are always the tip off. You can't improve if you don't learn how to critique your work in specific and real ways that you can act upon.

My character's journal is all about making studies for other paintings. So in some ways her journal is all about the E.E. in a way.

In keeping with the shift in place—this is something that I do all the time in my journal. Always checking in, always trying to improve.

Thanks for asking Michelle, I'll be writing more about this in the wrap up.

Michelle Himes said...

Okay, I like "Editing Eye" better. I have one, but I don't usually write down what she says, and forget a lot. LOL! I'll have to see if my EE can write me notes.