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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One More Evaluation from a Participant in the 2014 Celebration: Susan Ernst

Above: A page spread ©2014 Susan Ernst, from her 2014 Fake Journal. Click on the image to view an enlargement.

This post is coming to you all late because I lost the original missive from Susan. Happily she wrote again to me so I'm able to post it now. Apologies to Susan: searching in my mail program does not always seem to be straightforward!

If you go to Susan Ernst's blog you can read Susan's full evaluation about the complex relationships her "character" had in this year's fake journal. You'll also learn how Susan drew on friends and family,  as well as past projects, to create her full cast of characters. It is always intriguing to hear about the process by which a creative piece takes form. It might inspire you to revisit some past projects for new directions.

Susan's process allowed her to maintain distance from her character, yet still derive insights into her own situation and her own hopes. She admits that some of her creative decisions arose from yearnings she wasn't quite aware of.

In addition, Susan provides a breakdown of what she felt worked and didn't work in execution. You might find this useful when planning your own mixed media pieces, or when organizing your own plans for your 2015 fake journal (you know you want to keep one).

So go check out Susan's evaluation, drop her a note, and start your own planning!

Thank you Susan for your thoughtful evaluation of your project and for reminding me of your evaluation. I hope you'll join in next year too.