Welcome to International Fake Journal Month 2013!

What is IFJM?
Please read the page "What Is IFJM" for details.
Learn the difference between Faux, Fake, and Fake Historical Journals.

2019 IFJM Celebration
IFJM has been suspended indefinitely. Please read the pinned post about this below.

Participants who Post Their Journals
A list of 2018 participants who are posting their fake journals this year will appear near the top of the right side bar of this blog around April 6. Lists of participants who posted their pages in 2010 through 2017 appear lower in the same column. Please pay them a visit and check out their fake journals.

View a Couple of Roz's Past Fake Journals
Roz's 2009 fake journal takes place in an alternate Twin Cites, where disease has killed the human and bird populations. (It ends up being an upbeat tale of friendship.) Watch a video flip through of Roz's 2009 fake journal here.

Read an explanation of Roz's insanely complex 2011 fake journal.

Tips on Keeping a Fake Journal
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Remember, "Life's so short, why live only one?"

Photo References for Project Journal Infiltration within IFJM

Technically, the name for this portion of the contest is "The 2011 International Fake Journal Month Contest—Part 3: Project Journal Infiltration Phase Two within Your Fake Journal." (The "Phase Two" part of the name comes from it being part of PJI on my regular blog. I'm sorry this is confusing. I didn't think the naming issues through when I first named it on the other blog.)

First you need to know what Project Journal Infiltration (PJI) is. PJI is my quest to be included in as many journals as possible before I die. You can read full details about Project Journal Infiltration at the link. That contest runs through Sept. 5, 2011. It involves people drawing me from life. It also has nothing to do with IFJM.

Now, in order to give people who don't live near me a chance to join Project Journal Infiltration I came up with a way for people to draw me from photos, with the help of photographer Tom Nelson.

That's Project Journal Infiltration within IFJM, and you can enter that portion of the IFJM 2011 celebration by following the instructions in the post linked here.

This portion of IFJM 2011's contests ends on May 3, 2011.

To participate in this portion of the contest you need to 
1. Be a part of the fake journal celebration and keep a fake journal (and post me about your entries as explained here).
2. Include a "sighting" of me in your fake journal. (Using the photos below as drawing references.)
3. Follow the restrictions for the way you can depict me as explained in the complete entry instructions. 
4. Follow instructions at the same link for submission guidelines.
(If you don't follow these restrictions and guidelines in items 3 and 4 your entry will be disqualified.)

In order to sketch me in your fake journal you'll need photographic references and that's what you'll find on this page—thanks to photographer Tom Nelson who owns the copyright to these photos and has given permission for them to be used as a drawing reference for the purpose of this contest.

So select an image of me and sketch me in your journal—sitting on a rock at some zoo,  at a corner table in a cafe,  peeking around a corner, or standing in a crowd—you get the idea.

Click on any of the 11 photos you see here to view an enlargement. Sit back at your computer and sketch me into your fake journal. I look forward to seeing where you run across me.
All photos ©2011 Tom Nelson. Readers have permission to use these photos for reference when drawing Roz in their fake journals, 2011.