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Friday, March 11, 2011

How to Enter the 2011 International Fake Journal Month Contest—Part 2: Promoting International Fake Journal Month on Your Blog

The instructions for IFJM contests are a bit involved. Therefore, I have broken them into three searchable posts. This part is for people who want to participate in 2011's celebration by promoting the event on their own blog with a sidebar button link. See the prize for the promotion portion of the contest at yesterday's blog post (book B in the image).

To enter this contest you will need follow the following steps:

1. Go to Roz Wound Up and scroll down until you see the International Fake Journal Month Button in the left column: it is a blue dog on a pink background.

2. Click on this image, drag it to your desktop or put it in the folder you store your own blog information in.

3. Keep this bit of code handy, it's the link you'll need:

4. Go to the "design" page of your blog, however that is set up in your blog platform. You will need to upload the IFJM dog button to your blog and then put it in the margin column on your blog—just as you add other buttons. Here's an example of how to do it with Blogger:
Go to your dashboard and find LAYOUT, and then Page Elements. Click on "ADD A GADGET" in the column of your blog outline. A selection of gadgets will come up.
Scroll down to one that reads "PICTURE" and select it. You will be asked to give it a title and caption. DON'T DO THAT AS THEY SHOW UP AND MAKE IT LOOK MESSY. Instead leave those lines blank.

FOR LINK you want to enter the URL for this blog as provided in step 3 above.

Next you need to click the button under Image, that says "From your computer" there is a circle that should have a dot in it when you select it.

Next hit BROWSE button next to that open box under "From your computer" and navigate to the folder on your desktop where you put that IFJM dog button/logo and SELECT that image. Follow any other instructions to upload it. It should take only seconds and you'll be back at this box where you want to be sure "shrink to fit is selected (it's the default and anyway I think my logo is about 220 pixels, don't recall). Then click save.

You will return to the outline of your blog and the new element will be in the column and you can drag it where you want it, click save and you're done.
5. Once you have posted the link button for IFJM on your blog you need to send me an email with a link to YOUR blog, so that I can go and verify that it's there. I'll check when you put up the notice. Write to me at rozjournalrat@gmail.com, with "Contest Promotion IFJM" in the subject line.

6. To be eligible for this contest you'll need to post the button on your blog by April 10 and display it until May 3.

7. You do not need to participate in IFJM and keep a fake journal—this part of the contest is for all those folks who are still sitting on the fence. You like the idea of participating and would love to encourage people to do so, but your circumstances don't allow you to participate this year.

If you follow these instructions and meet these criteria then your name will go into the drawing for journal B in the photo above. The drawing will be held after I have verified listings on May 3.

The prize for this contest is book B in the photo from yesterday's post.
Thank you for helping to spread the word about International Fake Journal Month!

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