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Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Enter the 2011 International Fake Journal Month Contest—Part 3: Project Journal Infiltration Phase Two within Your Fake Journal

This year for International Fake Journal Month (IFJM) in addition to the publishing and promoting portions of the contest I've got a side contest running. This third portion of the contest is actually a spin off of the year-long contest now going on at Roz Wound Up—Project Journal Infiltration.

Project Journal Infiltration (PJI) is my quest to be included in as many journals as possible before I die. You can read full details about Project Journal Infiltration at the link.

(Note: The PJI contest actually runs through September 5, 2011 so the title of its post has confused some people. The contest started in 2010.)

In PJI people are asked to sketch me FROM LIFE in their journals and then send me a jpg of that page.

Well, immediately people from all over expressed a desire to participate. But sadly I don't travel that much and not everyone can come to me. Also I wanted everyone to draw from life for the main project.

However, that doesn't mean we can't bend the rules of PJI for IFJM!!!

With the help of my friend, photographer Tom Nelson, I now have several photos of me that I have posted as a page on this blog. 

For your fake journal for this year's International Fake Journal Month you can select one or more of these photos for drawing reference and draw me into your fake journal—well your character who is keeping the journal can do this.

It isn't ideal to draw from photos, but hey, it's a fake journal after all.

There are a couple guidelines you need to which you need to pay attention when participating in Project Journal Infiltration Phase Two—International Fake Journal Month:

1. You do need to create this fake sighting in a fake journal, not your regular journal. (You do not have to be participating in the publishing contest however, so this might be the only page from your fake journal we see. All the guidelines for the fake journaling contest apply to this page or page spread as well.)

2. No nudity or salacious content when Roz is present. Nothing impolite, mean, etc. My taste in art is pretty wide, in styles and subject matter. If you are sending links or images for this portion of the contest that include excessive or gratuitous violence, child abuse, or pornographic elements a sketch of me in that type of situation don't bother you would be disqualified.

3. No putting words into my mouth. You can either observe me in some public area or you can "quote me" as saying something you have read on my blog, Roz Wound Up.

For example, this jumps immediately to mind, you might sketch me and write—I saw this odd woman today talking to a group of people and she actually said, "Bingo, Bango." You might know I say "Bingo Bango" from reading my blog post "Collage and Sketching: A Look inside a Recent Journal—Part Three of Three." (You don't have to provide the reference page.

Or another example, your character is writing:
I went through MCBA today and this woman was teaching. She said, "Well, that’s just WRONG. Journals aren’t about saving paper for some special painting, epiphany, or skill level that you’re going to attain. Journals are for documenting your life and some of that documentation will take the form of text." (Which actually comes from one of my Journaling Superstition Posts.)

Get the idea?

OK, here's an even simpler example, your character goes to a public event and draws all the people in the crowd and Roz is one of the people. How simple is that?

4. A couple tips, I'm 5 ft. 3 inches tall so I'm not going to stick out in a crowd. I have brown eyes. I was last seen hugging someone in 1998 (well not quite, but you get the idea). I am not now, nor have I ever been, a participant in any Xtreme sports such as skateboarding, skiing, etc., though I do enjoy a speedy bicycle ride. Friends will tell you that I hum constantly—tunes of my own composition. I laugh quite a lot. And at interminable length.

Sending Your Entry In
You can create your fake sighting of me at any time throughout April 2011. The entry needs to be dated just like all your other journal entries. You do have to be keeping a fake journal, even if you aren't participating in the publishing contest.

You can either send me a link to your own blog post for the date/post that you post the fake journal entry including Roz or you need to send a jpg to me of the page or page spread on which Roz appears. The jpg needs to be 500 pixels wide and 72 dpi. (DO NOT send larger files, they will go in the trash folder. Each file sent must be smaller than 1.3MB and sent attached to a separate email.) The emails should come to me at rozjournalrat@gmail.com, with "PJI for IFJM  #" in the subject line (the number being which entry you are up to).

You can enter up to 5 times over the course of the month. But each sighting must be on a separate day and so dated. (Multiple sketches of me in different poses on a page or page spread, or within a dated entry, count only as one entry, just like the main PJI contest.) Also the sighting must in some way work with the other activity that is happening in your fake journal.

Include your mailing address in the first entry so I can send your prize if you win.

(And just in case you are worried, I will not use your postal addresses for anything or give them to anyone. I ask for them in your first entry because in past contests I've sometimes had difficulty tracking down the winners. I'd like to simply pop the books in the mail when the drawing is finished!)

By entering you are also granting me permission to post your entry on this blog, or on Roz Wound Up, with an appropriate credit line, so please provide one.

People participating in Project Journal Infiltration for International Fake Journal Month have until May 3 to send me their final image (first or fifth) or a link to their post of it on their own blog. I'm allowing time for people working on April 30 time to scan and send that day's entry).

The drawing for the prize for "PJI for IFJM Contest" will be held on May 3, or as soon as I am able to do so after that.

So now if you don't live in the Twin Cities area and can't bump into me to draw me from life you have an opportunity to join in the fun of Project Journal Infiltration (Phase Two). Go to the album of photo references of me and begin sketching me into your 2011 Fake Journal now. (You can also find this album of photo references by looking in the right hand side column for "PAGES" located below "About Me," the copyright notice, and "subscribe" widgets.

The prize for this contest is book C in the post linked here.

Note: you do not have to live in the U.S. to enter. I will send the prize out overseas.


EVA said...

Hey Roz!

Does mine from last year count? ;)

It was a very early sighting or reminiscing! :)


Roz Stendahl said...

EVA, I'm really sorry, but I have to hold you to the same rules to which I'm holding all the local artists who drew me before I started PJI for in-person sightings.

But I did enjoy your sighting. I hope you can keep a fake journal this year and have another.