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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eighth Page Spread in Roz's 2011 Fake Journal

Click on the image to view an enlargement.
The text on the spread above is written around the edges of the pages. On the far left edge of the page, running up vertically from the bottom of the page the text reads: 4.6.11 a.m. Sunny, high 40s degree F. E.R. Flats.

At the base of the page, starting at the left and running along the bottom of the page and up the right fore edge of the right-hand page the text reads: the whole meeting was an elaborately staged act of misdirection—DAVID GRANN in New Yorker, April, 4 issue on the assasination [sic] of Rodrigo Rosenberg in Guatemala.


Joan T said...

You have such variety in your pages. I can't wait for your workshop with Strathmore.

Denise T said...

Roz, This goose looks so real. Colors so vibrant. What media exactly? Thanks for all your sharing

journalrat said...

Joan, yeah, usually I limit media a bit more in my fake journal. But for reasons which will become clear later (and already are for a couple people based on their emails) I just have to go with whatever is at hand.

I'm glad you're enjoying it and hope you come away from the Workshop with some ideas too. There's so much we can do in your journals!

journalrat said...

Denise, that's fluid acrylics. Not the brightest move to try and paint plein air with those!

The pages are a little sticky where there is a lot of build up. Typically I don't have a lot of build up with fluid acrylics, but in this case the paints got a bit evaporated and thick. The pages aren't sticking together, but every other time I open the book there is a bit of a noise when I pull the pages apart.

The nice thing is that by painting first with a dark mix of orange and blue, it's like doing a direct drawing with a Pentel Pocket brush, and by the time I went in with the other colors the outlines had dried and were waterproof so I could paint over them without lifting any color.