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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who's Posting Their 2011 Fake Journals?

This posts provides links to the fake journals that people are posting themselves. I will create a sidebar of links to these posts so if you should wish to return to them later you won't have to find this post again. Simply look for the 2011 Participants List in the right column of this blog.

Many people started a blog dedicated to IFJM to contain the postings on their fake journal. Others are posting on their regular blogs. The links should take you to their first IFJM post and after that, either way you should be able to navigate to the rest of their posts using their blog apparatus.

If you don't find yourself on this list it means that your entry(ies) didn't reach me.

If you intended to enter but don't find your name on the list please follow the instructions for emailing your intention to me in this post.

If you have been sending your images to me to post here because you don't have a blog, please note that I am going to start doing that next week. I will hold the post until I have your 8 journal pages (or spreads) and then create one post for you.

If you are participating in IFJM in a private way (i.e., not publishing your pages) I would like to offer you encouragement to keep going, to keep working, and to keep looking for the insights you set out to find when you set your goals. I hope it is a great journey for you as well.

This year's crop of fake journal characters is diverse, I'll let you discover who each is as you visit the links. Please be sure to leave a note to let participants know that you have stopped by to see their project!

Anne M. Bray (I wrote about the return of spygirl a couple posts ago)

Carol Bonomo

Timaree Cheney

Denise Thornton

Donna McMenamin

Jamie Williams Grossman

Jeanette Sclar

Jill Lee-Jones

Joan Tavolott

John Tubbs

Judith D. Gluck

Kalina Wilson

Kitty Lynch

Kyra Scrapacat

Meinhild Selbach

Melinda Bilecki

Michelle Himes

Mimi Holmes (no website)

Nan Westbrooks

Sarah Robinson

Wendy Lynch

If you want to find additional examples of fake journals, scroll down further in the right-hand column of this blog—just below the category list you'll find the "2010 International Fake Journal Month Participants who Post Their Pages." Some links may no longer be in use as people take their work down, but you will find several interesting examples of fake journals to look at.



freebird said...

My name isn't on your list but I've been mailing to your journalrat address for 5 posts so far. You haven't received them?

journalrat said...

Freebird, I would check your first entry. All I can think of is that you didn't supply the entry with the correct subject line and additional information. There have been so many entries where people didn't follow the guidelines that I can't respond to all the people and ask them to resubmit individually.

I wrote a post about this problem here

to try and catch people falling through the cracks.

Or their might have been some other problem with your entry in reaching me.

Either way, go back to the post on submitting http://officialinternationalfakejournalblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/how-to-enter-2011-international-fake.html

Follow those instructions for your first entry and then send a post that has all the links for everything after the first entry (no need to send multiples again) but just be sure the subject line says #2,3,4,5, whatever, so I know what links it contains. If people don't have the required links they don't go in the draw either.


journalrat said...

Freebird, besides a typo "their" for "there" after I clicked I realized the last paragraph was confusing because of my use of the word "post"

Follow those instructions for your first entry and then send me a SECOND email with all the links for everything after that first email with the first link. The subject line of the second email should include the number for each of the links it includes.

Most critical is that the first email entry is done correctly with all the required info.