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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fourteenth Page Spread in Roz's 2011 Fake Journal

Click on the image to view an enlargement.
Above is the fourteenth page spread from my 2011 fake journal. The text and dates are below.

Verso Page:
April 14, 2011  7:30 p.m.
Playing around after watching an episode of "Out of the Wild: Venezuela" (sp?) Thinking about how some of the people who give up aren't the ones you would expect…making a joking point
T: "I'm not a very emotionally sound person…"
B (interrupting): "I love the way it rolls off your tongue."
He repeats it, with clipped tones and clearly ennunciated [sic] syllables. Laughing. Mimicing. [sic]
"It's…you sound like Joan Cusack."
T: "I love how you laugh at my emotional distress and drepression." Smirking, but neither hurt, nor surprised.
B: "It's only because I love you.
[sketch time] 9:37 p.m.

Recto Page:
Marriage, after all, is itself a kind of narrative that you have to make up, develop, vary, and sustain as you go along." David Denby in "End Games: the films of the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami." New Yorker 3.14.11
Use for Libby Vernon?

10:30 a.m. 4.15.11 too much to do. Too much stress. How can you make a permanent eye tic funny?

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