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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Page Spread in Roz's 2011 Fake Journal

Click on the image to view an enlargement.
Above is the first page spread from my 2011 Fake Journal.

This is a REVISED VIEW because I found I was able to scan my journal after all (my scanner, it turns out, takes slightly larger than an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet and allows me a little bit of overlap to knit the two halves together.)

The journal I'm using is an 11.5 x 8.5 inch Moleskine Watercolor journal; they don't have perforated pages at this size.

Part of the 2011 experience for my character is "no explanations" so that's all I'll write at this point. I will say that she was testing a pen which I will have something to say about on my regular blog later in April (need to do more tests). My character has abandoned the pen, and frankly I'm just about to do that myself, except there are more tests to be run. But now we're getting into explanations.

Oh, one thing, yes, the journal started on March 25, 2011.


Miss T said...

Aha! That bulldog made me wonder the other day, and here he is again....

Green Morning said...

Your entry looks interesting. I wonder what your character is writing about :) I am having fun too, my character keeps her journals in the most unusual way!
Roz, I was just wondering when are you going to post a list of all participants for this year, I am so curious to find out what other people are doing.

Ellen Burkett said...

He (or she) is wonderful! What a great expression.

freebird said...

Roz, when I have to take a photo I put my journal on a chair in front of a sunny window and then take the shot far enough away to get the whole journal and then when I import my photo I crop it so it's just the journal. I wouldn't want to do lights but I also wouldn't want to manipulate multiple scans. I had one journal made too big for the scanner and won't do that again (unless I forget).

Sarah said...

'No explanations' is a clever approach, keeps us guessing & it's how you would approach looking at the journal itself. The cover layout gives a few options about your character's work identity...

journalrat said...

Miss T, keep wonder alive!

journalrat said...

Green Morning, yes I'm going to be posting a list of people participating, but it will probably not go up until next week because of time constraints here.

In the meantime you can look at what people did in the list for 2010 participants—scan down the right column for the list.

journalrat said...

Freebird, we've been having little sun lately, but also I find shooting without lights isn't satisfactory, mainly because I just have a small digital camera. And then there's the issue of things warping out of view. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so if I'm going to shoot photos I'm going to have to set it up so the lighting is consistent and there's no glare, and blah, blah, blah—which is why it was so important that I listen to myself about picking the size of a journal!!!!

journalrat said...

Sarah, the "no explanations" is useful in many regards, but it is actually key to this entire year's experience for me, and the one with which I'm having the greatest difficulty. My journal, my real journal, is all about taking detailed notes and explanations of structures, and thoughts, and observations, and everything is explained to the degree that if I ever were faced with memory loss I could still recover the information.

It is what my entire life has been about and I'm trying to get away from that.

More later.

Sarah said...

Roz, that sounds like more work rather than less... but IFJM is a great reason to give onself a nudge. I guess we're all trying to, one way or another. Thanks.

Miss T said...

Roz, I'm learning already that what you just said about giving oneself a nudge is the best part of IFJM. I'm working on drawing faces, which has always been a big gap in my art training, and I can't say that I'd be doing it with such dedication if it weren't for my fake journal. I'm seeing progress that's surprising me, and we're only five days in! This is a brilliant idea you had, and I love that you're putting so much into making it work for all of us.

Judi said...

Love your bird and his somewhat quizzical looking expression. I've been away for a few days and am playing catch up by posting what I've done so far on the blog I set up for my character. She took the route I, myself, didn't choose when faced with a fork in the road at 18 years old. I've changed a lot of the peripheral facts and am loving the opportunity to explore "what might have been". Thanks for the fun opportunity, Roz!

Melinda Bilecki said...

Fascinating page, Roz! Can't wait to see more.