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Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to International Fake Journal Month 2011!

Today is the first day of International Fake Journal Month 2011. Time to explore your character's life and journaling practices.

Several folks, including me, started in March—some started out of sheer excitement to get going, I had to start in March so that my character could actually meet some people she needed to meet before April. More about this later.

Great news from Anne M. Bray—Spygirl is back this year!

I'll post a list of links and participants at the end of each week, but I thought it would be good to start you off with work from a past participant.

And finally one more tip:

I know I've said it before, but for some reason I didn't listen to myself—choose your book size so that it is easy for you to post your images! I elected to go with the Moleskine Watercolor Journal that is 11.5 x 8.5 inches (no perforated pages in this size!). Well it doesn't fit on my scanner! I would have to make a couple scans and splice them for each spread. Even if I only wanted to scan a page I'd have to make two passes to get it all. That extra half inch! So there is much gnashing of teeth in the Huron Blvd. studio! (OK, not that much gnashing, I'm not blind and I did realize this problem going in, but I needed a large commercially bound book and ignored my own advice.)

On the bright side, I'm five page spreads in and already have learned something key about myself (more about this later too), so I will not complain more about this. I am spending my energies working out what would be the best way to show the pages. If I photograph an open book I'll need to get the lights out each time, and it's already too cluttered around here, and so it goes. I'll work this out and put something up on Monday.

In the meantime…
Everyone get busy with your fake journal. Have fun, enjoy your materials, enjoy your process. Let me know how it goes. Don't forget, in medias res. (Now that really is the final tip for today.)


Ellen Burkett said...

Roz, I've decided to do it! I'm a little uneasy (good) about it, I've got my character chosen...all I need to know is if I sign up someplace. I haven't been able to find that...which means it's probably right under my nose. I have my own blog, but is there a special fake journal blog I post them at?

journalrat said...

Carol, great, I'm glad you're joining in.

You do need to sign up to be in the drawings.

If you are posting your pages you need to follow the instructions in this post

If you are going to post a promotional button on your blog about the event you need to follow the instructions in this post

There's also a third aspect of participating involving Project Journal Infiltration, but as I haven't posted the photos for that yet you can wait for that.

YOu can find these links in the column at the right, just under the copyright blurb, "Contests for 2011" in case you want to look back at the instructions.

Looking forward to your entries.

Miss T said...

Off and running! My first entry is done, and I've already got some ideas about how to make tomorrow's better.

anne m bray said...

happy happy, joy, joy.
Thanks for the mention!

Incidentally, fake journaling is the only journaling that I keep at regularly.

Lisa said...

Hi Roz
This looks like so much fun. I never heard of it before March 31 so I have been scrambling to get things ready. I'm off to a bit of a late start.
I will be posting my first couple pages tonight.
My character is the host of a Home Makeover Show and is coming to my house for the next month to help put on paper all our ideas for fixing up our house.
Money will be no issue. We will be spending the next 30 days planning reconstruction, landscaping, remodeling and redecorating ideas. We will be shopping for new colors, furniture, accessories etc. My family moved into our house almost 9 years ago and we have only talked about the things we've wanted to do....now I am ready to see how much our ideas will cost and what is really involved. I will be exploring this as if we are really doing it. I will be working in a graph paper composition book. Mostly with floor plan ideas, pictures, color schemes, magazine clippings etc. Hopefully this might actually turn into a very useful handbook in the end.

Denise T said...

I too, like Lisa, decided at the last minute. I asked you a question, because I could'nt quite come up with something. I went too bed and awoke knowing exactly what to do (who to be!) so I'm in!

Jamie Grossman said...

Roz, can you please add me to the links of 2010 International Fake Journal participants? My images and posts are here: http://hudsonvalleysketches.blogspot.com/search/label/International%20Fake%20Journal . Thank you!


Jamie Grossman said...

Oops, obviously I meant to say 2011 participants!