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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Participation Buttons Have Arrived!

Above: The 2.25-inch button design for International Fake Journal Month 2011. (The actual button does not have a black outline.)

As many of you may have ascertained, Esther Rayde, children's book author and illustrator, is my character for 2011. (Well, not REALLY—but more about this in a separate post later today.)

Pierce, the French Bulldog from Esther Rayde's book, "The Year of the French Bulldog" is on this year's button.

Each year, in addition to the main blog slogan "Life's so short, why live only one," there is a button slogan.

This year's slogan is "Dig Deep." And that's not just because Pierce is a dog, it's because that's fake journaling at its best—when you dig deep.

Once again the folks at Pure Buttons did a fantastic job. These buttons are so bright, shiny, and well made that I can't stop smiling. You'll love it.

Buttons are going out today (Monday, April 18) FREE to all the journal keeping participants who followed instructions and sent in their postal address with their entry. People who didn't, were sent an email on Sunday and, have until Sunday, April 24 to email rozjournalrat@gmail.com with their postal address (don't add it as a comment to this blog). 
Note: People participating in the promotional aspect of the contest—your buttons are being held for you until the final check of your blog at the end of that contest, in May. If you do not send me your postal address, by April 24, however, you will not receive a button in MAY.

Note: People participating in more than one contest will only receive one button. If you are participating in both the posting and promotional contests your button goes out today with the other posting participants buttons.
After Monday, April 25, anyone who wants one of the remaining buttons (supply is very limited) can order a button for postage and packaging costs. (I'll update this post when I get back from the Post Office and know what that is going to be.) The buttons themselves will still be free.

Thank you again to all the hardworking participants who are making this such a fun International Fake Journal Month 2011. Thank you for giving me a reason to make buttons!


Amy said...

I don't think I signed up for any of the contests--I'm writing, not drawing. But if there are any buttons left, I'd gladly pay the expenses to get one. Haven't missed a day of journaling yet!

journalrat said...

Amy, we've got other writer-only journalers faking their way through April. I'll add you to the list of standbys for buttons. Fingers crossed, we are getting to the end of the buttons.


Amy said...

Thank you! And thanks for doing this--it's been amazing so far.

Denise T said...

The button arrived today! It's so cool! Thanks!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

My button arrived today and it's been on my shirt ever since! Only a few people have backed stealthily away from me when I explain how I got it.

Michelle Himes said...

My button came today! This is so cool! Mine has been on my shirt too. Thanks so much Roz, for the button and the IFJM itself.