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Monday, April 4, 2011

They Are Up: Photo References for Project Journal Infiltration within IFJM

I have created a page that holds 11 photos you can use for drawing references when incorporating me into your fake journals for this third portion of the contest.

View the photos.

Read the guidelines on using the photos (what types of situations you can put me in, etc.) and submission guidelines here.


freebird said...

Oh good. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Melinda Bilecki said...

Awesome photos, Roz! Wait til you see where you end up in my character's world. ;)

journalrat said...

Melinda, I'm looking forward to it!

Carol said...

I'm concerned and want to be respectful to another photographer's copyright. I have a great way to pull you into my fake journal and a great quote - but I'm painting photographs in this journal, not drawing. I took one of atom's photos and saturated the colors, turned the photo into black and white and then hand painted back your hair (AS A REDHEAD). Can I post this photo and should I reference copyright owner if I do? I don't want to be trouble. I want to have fun. Regardless of answer, you really should try out the red hair. I think it's your inner you.

journalrat said...

Carol, thanks for asking about this. Frankly it didn't occur to me to ask Tom if this would be an issue because I assumed everyone would be drawing. I love your journal idea and love that you are doing this.

Let me ask Tom and get back to you before you post it.

Thanks. (I'm dying to see it.)