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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Final Page Spread from Roz's 2011 Fake Journal

Click on the image to view an enlargement.
This is the final page spread of my fake journal, completed on 4.30.2011, the final day of IFJM. For ease of viewing the image I have put a vertical version below the text (a virtual tilting of the journal so you can view it right side up). 

This is the end of the journal, completely filled to the endsheet. I will be posting a video flip through of the journal (in fact may already have done that). I will also be posting a few debriefing comments about my experience with my fake journal this year—what I learned, what I tried to do, what I couldn't get done, that sort of thing. I hope you'll check back.

The text on the recto page, which is actually the endsheet in this Moleskine watercolor book, hence the change in paper color, reads:

11 p.m. Today was my last day with Gert so I wanted to make sure I got one more sketch in. A rainy, rainy day…I went over to Roz's to return Gert because I'll be leaving soon. Roz had me stay and make books with her. I made two. She helped me and made five more—which she then gave to me for my trip! Lovely 8 x 8 inch square books with Winsor & Newton 90 lb. Hot Press Watercolor paper. I can't wait to work in them.

(Roz thought my reclining Gerts were hilarious—not an angle she's approached.)

Left: If you click on this image you can view Gert rightside up.

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