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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wrap Up Thoughts for 2011: Artist Debra Ripp Shares Her Thoughts

Above: One of the page "spreads" in Debra Ripp's card journal, kept for 2011 International Fake Journal Month. Click on the image to view an enlargement. Artwork ©2011 Debra Ripp.
Twin Cities artist Debra Ripp created "Fisherman" for her April 2011 fake journal. I was intrigued with her use of cards to create a stack of journal cards. She had the following to say about her experiences.

When I started this project I was ready to use an old crossword dictionary, except, then I came across a pack of my former image postcards.  The size and intimacy were  a pleasure to work with, they were easy to paint over and also revealed a surface character of their own.  The most appealing aspect of this project is the idea of being someone else and I went as opposite as I could. I imagined myself as a 9-5 desk jockey turned nature nut when he decides to go fishing to escape work. For me it wasn’t about everyday recording but more a reflection of the changes in orientation and what is carried from one (office) environment to someplace (fishing lake) completely NOT his orientation. Hopefully, I am going to develop the idea much further, but I would like to express my wonder at how much this project stretched my focus and perspective toward my own work. 

Above: Another card in Debra Ripp's 2011 fake journal. The paint on the fish is stroked away in a lovely textural fashion. Click on the image and view an enlargement. Artwork ©2011 Debra Ripp.

I found the manner in which Debra embraced opposites so completely (including changing her gender) a delight. In fact she gives us a nice template for future fake journal plans—list what you are and go with the exact opposite! Take that internal critic!

Above: A third card in Debra Ripp's 2011 fake journal. Here she has included some collage elements on top of her painted surface. Clcik on the image to view an enlargement. Artwork ©2011 Debra Ripp.

The image cards Debra recycled were postcards of her own artwork. She didn't prepare the coated cardstock surface in anyway before she added her paint. The resultant peeling and textural strokes add a wonderful dimension which she loved working with. Since I've seen the cards in person I can add that the effect is also one of depth and adds interest. I was shooting in poor light on a reflective table so it isn't always clear in the photos.

I'm excited that Debra used IFJM 2011 to reflect and play with these ideas and media. I look forward to more adventures from "Fisherman." Thank you Debra, for sharing your art and experience with us.

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