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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Twenty-Sixth Page Spread in Roz's 2011 Fake Journal

Click on the image to view an enlargement.
Above, the twenty-sixth page spread in my 2011 fake journal.

Verso Page
•wider stance
•deeper chest
•drop in in between space
•longer leg bone
•Rear toe slightly visible on each foot from this angle.

Recto Page
The feet fold up like napkins when he picks up his foot.
Drawing paper
Pen doesn't work well on eith[er] of these papers. 60% Indigo 40% Red Earth. Sketchers from Monday…which was gorgeous and sunny. And now I'm inside and it's raining buckets and it's only 40 degrees F!!


This works
head and neck in ret[reat]
wider body


Sarah said...

I love this... also love the thought that his feet fold up like napkins! A great image.

Roz Stendahl said...

Thanks Sarah, It wasn't until I watched them this day that it occurred to me this is what it looks like as they slowly lifted up their feet. Although I guess I can't take credit for that can I since it's Tyra's journal. Drat!